Saturday, February 18, 2006


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Friday, August 12, 2005

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cheerleading Competition

This expierence to place last summer...I am a senior in high school now. I was a junior when this took place:

I go to a private school in Georgia and am also a cheerleader there, we have 5 different coaches, our assistant coach at that time was and I believe still is a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons, her name is Coach that time she was 22 years old, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, she is very, very, attractive...(for those of you wondering i am attracted to both male and female feet) anyways, I always wondered what her feet were like, but I never thought in a million years that I would ever get the opportunity to see since the only time i would see her was during games or practice and we were always in sneakers!

Well that summer our squad was picked to go to Nationals, they were held in Orlando, FL. It would be a 5 day trip. When we got to our hotel in Orlando we were able to pick who we wanted to room with, my room had me and 4 other girls from our squad. We also had to have an adult in each room to "supervise" us....I was thrilled when i learned that it was Coach Coon that would be in heart almost jumped out of my chest!!!! this would be my chance! 5 days of staying in a room with her.

Well i honsetly spent the whole day thinking about it! So later that night when we all settled in, we all tried to figure out how to fit 6 people into 2 decided she would sleep on an air matress on the floor and one of us could share it with here while the others shared the 2 beds, i quickly voluntereed to sleep on the air matress!

So, when we all finally grew tired enought to get to bed, which was like 3 am! each of us took turns in the bathroom, Coach Coon was last..she had been in shoes or socks all day and i still didnt get 1 glimpse of her feet so when she went into the bathroom to shower and change i thought i would finally get to see! Well when she came out she was wearing a white tank top, black sweats, and grey socks!!!! I was not we all turned into bed and decided to watch a movie while we were trying to sleep, i soon realized how much u can feel someone move around on an air matress and realized i probably couldnt get to her feet without bouning her off the matress or waking her! so i told her that i was uncomfortable and moved to the floor at the foot of the head right under where her feet lay. this was awesome! now i needed to wait for everyone to fall asleep!

About 20-30 mins later i quietly got up to check on everyone..they were all asleep..i then sat back down on the floor at the foot of the mattress and slowy peeled back the blanket and there they were her two feet sticking straight out..she had her socks on and i needed to get them off...but b4 i bumped the mattress a few times to see if she would wake..and she didnt! removing her socks was more of a task then i wanted but the end result was worth it, when i peeled off her socks i finally got a glimpse of her feet...they were great! tan tops..pinkish white soles..her toes were not painted but still looked nice..she had long slender toes..i lightly touched her soles and they were so soft..amazing! i then got more brave and rubbed them all over to feel how soft they were..then i leaned in and smelled her soles and buried my face in both of her soft soles...there was really no scent to them. then i licked her soles a little at first then all over from heel to toe...i stuck her big toe in my mouth and sucked it..i was getting so excited! i sucked on all of her toes over and over until they were getting wrinkled..i must have spent at least 2 hrs playing with her feet that night..finally i stopped and got to bed...the next morning Coach was talking to us and said that she must have been shuffling alot last night because her socks came off!

I spent about 3 of the 5 nights playing with her was great..unfortunatley she is no longer a coach for us..but it was a great expierence!

Barefoot Harpist

I can't sleep tonight so I thought I'd share a recent pleasant experience with everyone.

I play professionally in an orchestra, and we recently gave a Halloween concert (the idea being that the orchestra would show up in costumes).

I noticed at the first rehearsal that our regular harpist wasn't there, and there was a sub playing. The sub had played with us many times before and I always thought she was smokin' hot. She's an older woman, late thirties or early forties, and a little edgy (I picture her dating a biker), but super hot nonetheless.

I glanced over during the rehearsal and nearly had a heart attack. She'd removed her shoes and socks and WAS PLAYING THE HARP BAREFOOT!!!!!!!

For those who haven't seen a harp close up, it has pedals, much like a piano, and the player sort of straddles it. So here's this gorgeous babe with her long legs wrapped around a massive harp, tapping her strong, sexy little feet to the beat (normally an annoying habit, but I was anything but annoyed in this situation) and then, with a flex of her foot, depressing a pedal occasionally.

I felt compelled thereafter to stare, which wasn't easy. I had to turn my head at a 90 degree angle, and sort of hunch over to get a view. Everyone here knows how it is though. You see that flash of creamy bare foot sticking out from a pair of jeans and you're like a deer caught in headlights.

To make matters worse, she dressed as a Greek goddess for the concert. Man was that something to behold! A strong yet feminine Greek goddess dominating a massive instrument with her soft, vulnerable little bare feet.

She can kick my ass anyday.

Monday, July 25, 2005

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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